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If I could pen to *you a thousand words, they would not be beautiful enough for *you. Would I have to sit down beside *you and calmly recite every poem, every prose? Or would I perhaps have to get on my knees and scream them for *you to listen? As *you watch the words spew out my mouth, tears start running down my face. *You put *your hand on my shoulder. I dry my tears and I stand. *You look at me, at my tear-stained cheeks and wipe each one away. I grab *you and I hug as hard as I can, for *you do not know how I much I needed this. I don't ever want to let *you go, but I do, slowly. *You take both my hands and smile at me. That smile… Oh, God, that smile. My heart starts beating faster and faster and before *you can say anything, I leap in *your arms and kiss *you. After it ends, *you're standing there, completely stunned. I gaze longingly into *your eyes, give a wink, and lick my lips. "Don't *you dare think I wouldn't do that again."
*You take me and ravish my body. *You draw small inlets into my skin and trace my veins like they're about to disappear. *You kiss all the islands of skin that meet them. I'm not moving any of my muscles because if I do all of me will collapse. The entirety of my being is a canvas. It is *yours to use as *you please. To draw on me a new perspective, or to take away those negative emotions that weigh me down. That weigh us both down. Madness has made its home in my heart, and there is a tinge of sadness in *yours. Sadness, or something else? Longing, perhaps? Or at least I think it to be that. *You long for anything that is not monotonous day by day. *You know I am a hurricane, for I have a hurricane heart and a monsoon mind but I know *you are brave enough to weather the storm.
Hurricane Heart
*He inspires me so...
It is raining. We are looking out the window. *You notice lightning strikes and *you walk swiftly outside. I follow *you, and when I'm outside I see *you sitting on the bench. I go over and sit beside *you. *You pat *your knee, for me to sit on. As the rain pours down, *you hold me in *your arms as we listen to it beat on the ground outside. I kiss *your chin and *you  close *your eyes in contentment. I smile. *You must feel it because *you smile too. I drink *you in like a desert. "I wish this moment could last forever." *You gaze down at me. "Don't move and it will." I curl my legs up in *your lap and *you hold me tighter. It's not long until I fall asleep.
The Lightning Strikes
I wish it would rain for days...
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
I am tied to a chair. Shaking, even though I know this is all just a game. *You've put a gag in my mouth, to disable my speaking completely. *You're completely unclothed and I am too. I try to get up but *you have the chair nailed into the floor somehow and my legs are tied down with rope so tight but spread far enough apart for if *you glance down *you'd catch a glimpse of Heaven. Wet, throbbing, aching Heaven. Aching for only *you. I feel all the veins in my sweet pussy throbbing, and *you walk around the chair 3 times and *you give me a hard look. *You walk over to me slowly, then *you bend down so quickly I feel a breeze. *You're staring at my cunt and grinning. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat. *You yank the gag out of my mouth and throw it over *your shoulder. *You kiss me, very hard. *You lick all down my body, not ever moving *your tongue away from my skin. When *you get to my pussy, *you stop. I look at *you, wide-eyed. *You lick *your lips. "You may speak," *you say. "Don't stop, please. I need *your mouth, please give it to me." "I don't think you're ready. I'm gonna untie your ass but don't you dare get up out of that chair. Understood?" I nod. That's not enough for *you. *You grab my throat and squeeze forcefully. "I SAID do you understand?!?!" I try to wriggle free from *your grip, but I can't. All I can hear is *you breathing from *your throat. I stiffen. "Yes sir!" *You then throw me down on the floor, busting my lip open. I am pinned down, *your hands on my back refusing movement. *You lean down to my neck and suddenly I feel something. Teeth. "Oh, God yes," I sigh. *You're bite gets harder, and I feel *you start to suck. I feel the blood come out of me then. I start to scream, but *you grab me and shove me onto my back. *You then do the same with the base of my neck, right at the vein. Right near my sternum. I gasp in surprise, for I thought honestly *you were going to try to kill me. Instead, *you put *your mouth right beside that spot and *you suck. Like a vampire. I grab *you and try to push *you off, for I feel I'm about to pass out. *You then move *your body downward, *your dick right up against my hole. I move back and forth, to try to guide *you inside of me. "Suck it first, then we'll talk about filling you up." I whimper, wanting it. "I need it now." "Do you want to be tied back up?!" *You were screaming at me but all I could hear was my own heart. I get quiet then. I put my mouth on the base of *your penis and I suck *you off. Like a piece of candy. My candy. My sweet, sinful candy. I suck and suck and I feel *your hand on my head, being pushed to get more of *you in my mouth. "Oh fuck. Suck it you little slut." I grin, for I love being *your slut, *your whore, *your anything. "Come on, deeper." I take as much as I can, gagging in the process. I scrape it with my tongue and I feel *you start to cum in my mouth. I swallow. I swallow every last drop. I take my mouth off of *your cock and lie down, waiting for it to fill back up. It doesn't take long. *You moan softly as *you push slowly inside of me. I sigh. "Finally," I whisper. *You make a small gasp at what *you've just heard. *You pull out and walk swiftly toward the wall to retrieve the gag. I start to cry. "Please don't do it again I'll be a good girl I swear please don't!" Tears are streaming down my face and *you grunt as *you toss it toward the chair. "Fine, but you're gonna listen to me damnit!" *You make me lie back down and force *your cock inside, gentleness be damned. *You start thrusting, and I start moaning. "Oh yes… Oh God deeper. Oh… Fuck me… Faster." *You start to move faster and faster, seeming to not care that I've spoken. I feel *your hot cum shoot inside my pussy, and I scream as loud as I can. *You moan in ecstasy and I grab *you and, as it ends, *you lean down and lay *your head on my neck. "Mmm, baby." I stroke your cheek. As I'm doing so I kiss your neck gently, with my teeth. "My turn?" *You just give a slight laugh.
For My Eyes Only... Or Not
Okay, for starters this is the first time I've ever written an erotic story. Needless to say, this was *very* fun to write and took me a little over 30 minutes to complete. Some of you may be shocked that I wrote something like this. It is time I stop censoring myself. I'm sick of doing that, especially to myself. It's not fair to hide a part of you. If you have a dirty lustful side that comes out to play at times, let them. If this is too dirty for DA, I will take it off. I'm just sick of strictly being a clean-cut C+ writer. I'm ready to try some X-rated stuff and I'm not gonna let fear or (God forbid) me getting drunk (again) and sending this to *him scare me off. *He can't see it anyway. It's got a mature filter on it. Thank God...
As soon as I try to get up, *you pin me back down. *You trail my body with *your fingers, trying to make sense of all that I am. I touch *you. I touch *you everywhere and I kiss all up and down *your body because at this point that's all I know how to do. Feel *you. I know it's wrong and a sin to love and lust after an old man but my God *you make me weak in the knees. I almost passed out more than once and thank *you for asking if I was okay. If we were completely alone I wouldn't have been. I would have been all over *you. I cannot *ever* be alone with *you for more than 5 minutes because oh the things I would do to *you. All the things I would…

Sinful Desires
Thank God for Nerve Tonic and the ability to dry swallow while walking through a crowded mall...
Tonight has turned around greatly. So I was texting *him and I asked if *he had thought of a response to the email I sent *him. (The drunken one...) *He said *he had no response and that is was good material for novel's. First I got really defensive and said: "No novels, hun. I don't have the attention span for that. That's... Honestly almost laughable. The stuff I write about you is not fictitious, I hope you know that..." *He said "I know, that's what makes good books". I said " Nobody'd buy the thing... I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. Print it all out, staple it all together, and set me up a stand somewhere. I mean I see no reason why I can't do that. It's my work, I have the rights to it." *He said "Yes you do!" I said that I could self-publish and do all that myself. Every week I could come out with a new set for like $20-$30... That'd be $80-$120 a month.....
I told *him it wasn't much but it was a starting price. *He told me I'd have to learn about copyright, all that, I said "K. Sonny Louvin you are a brilliant man. " *He said "Brain works different" I said "Yes. " I asked "Couldn't it just be copyrighted to myself?" *He said "There is a way." Then *he said *he was driving and that *he'd talk to me later.

Also, I kissed *him on the neck when we left today and ohhhh my fucking Gooood... Getting neck kisses are great, but giving them is like oh God please yes... Mm. I love that old man so damn much hahahaha! <'33333
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